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Update Wizard instructions


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Operating Instructions for the PhoneBase Update Wizard utility

Upon launching the utility you will be presented with a small dialog window.

The wizard will have determined your current installation type and this will be displayed in the dialog’s status bar. From this point you are required to select the appropriate action from the Action menu.

Analysing your current system files

You should perform an analysis of your current system files by selecting the Analyse item from the Action menu.

The wizard will inspect your current file configuration and list those files which require upgrading. The wizard will display the name of each file along with the file version that is required and its binary type.

You should then endeavour to download these files, carefully identifying them by way of the details provided.

Where do I download the files to?

The files need to be placed in the Phonebase Updates folder. This folder will already have been created for you by the wizard. The updates folder can be opened simply by selecting Updates folder from the Explore menu.

You can either download the files directly into the Updates folder or copy them into this folder from another location/device. Please note that the downloaded files must be in this folder for the upgrade process to succeed

Once the files have been copied into the Updates directory the Update menu item on the Action menu will be enabled.

Updating your system

With the downloaded files in place you should select Update from the Action menu. Please note that you should ensure that your Phonebase application is not running before you attempt to update your files.

Selecting Update will commence the update process. You will be presented with green image if files were updated successfully and a red image if a problem occurred during the update process.

The dialog’s status bar displays information relating to the update operation.

Here you can see that 1 file has been successfully updated. The number of files copied should match the number of files downloaded to the Updates folder unless some of the files are the incorrect version, are of an incorrect type or are not Phonebase system files

Here you can see that the wizard was unable to locate any valid update files. Please note that the green and red sections are static images and not animations. The update process will have completed as soon as you are presented with one or the other.


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