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Properly recognised skill-sets are of particular importance to those that produce evidence in legal proceedings.

Envisage Systems has arranged an independent training company to provide training for PhoneBase. Trew MTE offers a range of continuous professional development (CPD) certificate and accredited courses for your personnel in order that they may demonstrate their continuous professional competence (CPC).

Mobile Telephone SIM Examination (PhoneBase TM) PBASE Course

Target Group

Personnel (TSU, SPOC, etc) working with mobile telephone evidence that are required to acquire data from subscriber identity module (SIM). New personnel or new employees may attend the course. Technical persons who do not have knowledge of SIM data acquisition or non-technical persons who need an intermediary-level of understanding about information stores in SIM.

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Upon completion of then training, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain how a SIM is constructed and functions
  • Explain the computer architecture and memory structure
  • Identify the information stores where data originates
  • Operate the SIM reading device
  • Safely acquire data from a SIM

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