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If you are experiencing problems, or have a question you need help on, there are a number of ways we can help you:

Phonebase 1.5.x
For Support of our PhoneBase 1.5.x system please go to PhoneBase 1 Support. Here you will find some FAQ’s and Update Downloads.

FAQ’s (PhoneBase 2)
Our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ pages supply the answers to many problems customers may have experienced.  This is always a good place to start and will often provide a quick resolution to your problem.

Downloads (PhoneBase 2)
Our Downloads area will provide software updates for PhoneBase 2. These updates are are issued to both fix bugs and add functionality to the PhoneBase System.

Contact Us
You can contact us using any of the methods described on the Contact Page, or if you require specific support you can Email our Technical Support at  

Phonebase Manual


Use this link to download the PhoneBase 2 User Guide. To download the Manual. You will have to contact Envisage Systems and request a Username and Password.


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