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Security File Reader

Security File Reader - Installer


This is the Phonebase security file reader.

It is available free of charge and can be installed on as many machines as you wish.
Please note that the PC onto which the application is installed must have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed.

Whenever Phonebase is used to read a SIM card or handset, a backup file is automatically created at the time of reading.
This file is stored in a separate location to the mainstream system data and is double encrypted in order to keep the contents totally secure.

If it is necessary or desirable to verify the contents of an evidential report produced by Phonebase, this reader will prepare a report showing the complete contents of the download at the exact time the download was performed.

Please note that the user of Phonebase does not have any control over how or when the security file is produced.

The security file should be available from the originator of the report and will consist of a single file with a .PBS extension.

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