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Frequently Asked Questions - PhoneBase 2

Q: I have installed a copy of Phonebase but I cannot log in as I do not know the password for the default Admin user profile.

A: The password for the Admin user profile is ‘envisage’. The password is not case sensitive and we advise that you add new users, assign passwords and adjust user authority levels appropriately.


Q: I get an error that says: ‘Active X cant create object’. What does this mean and how can I resolve the issue.

A: This error is typically encountered when a file has failed to register correctly or you have a file that is an incorrect version. We advise you to launch PbReg.exe to manually register the core Phonebase files. If doing this does not resolve the issue we advise you to contact us to determine whether you have the correct files installed on your system.


Q: How can I upgrade to the version of Phonebase that includes the Handset Memory Module (HMM)?

A: Contact us and request an upgrade. We will then arrange for a new installation CD to be delivered to you to upgrade your system.


Q: Is it possible to export an individual record?

A: Yes. This can be achieved by right clicking on the record you wish to export and selecting ‘Export’ from the context menu that appears. You will be prompted with a file save dialog that allows you to save the file to an appropriate location with whatever name you choose.


Q: Is it possible to import records from another database?

A: Yes. This can easily be achieved by selecting either ‘Import’ or ‘Import selected’ from the file menu of the main screen. You will be presented with a file open dialog that enables you to locate the database you wish to import from. The ‘Import’ option will import all of the records from the selected database whereas the ‘Import selected’ option enables you to individually select which records in the selected database should be imported.


Q: How can I check that I have the latest version of the Phonebase system?

A: You can determine whether you require any updates by visiting the downloads page on the website and downloading the latest update wizard. The update wizard is able to analyse your system and indicate whether any updates are required. The downloads page also hosts some simple instructions on how to use the wizard.


Q: Can I recover a record that was deleted previously?

A: Yes. Records that are deleted are not actually removed from the Phonebase database, they are merely flagged as inactive. By selecting ‘Recycle bin’ from the View menu or by clicking on the recycle bin icon on the toolbar you can view all previously deleted records. You have the ability to recover, archive or permanently delete inactive records that appear in the recycle bin.

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